Rent a Serp Review: Plugin and Theme

Rent a Serp ReviewHey there! Thanks for checking out my Rent a Serp Review Site! On this particular blog I will show you everything you need to know to find out what’s all that Rent a Serp Theme and Plugin thing all about! You see, with this particular WordPress plugin, you will be able to build full blown Local SEO sites, ready to be ranked or leased to potential local clients, in less than 10 minutes. These are high converting websites, which means whoever leases your site will be able to get a whole lot of leads, and that means more business for him and more money for you! Let me explain a bit more about how Rent a Sert Plugin and Theme works.

Rent a Serp: Local SEO Domination

You know the drill of SEO, right? You get a client, he hires you and you rank his site. Pretty straightforward. The problem is that, when the client leaves, you lose all of your hard work. So, why insted of working for the client’s website, you focus on ranking your own properties and rent them to your potential contractors. This is instant SEO, that means that your client won’t have to wait for 2 or 3 weeks until he gets ranked, and you get the benefit of having your own property ranked, instead of somebody else’s.

With the Rent a Serp Plugin and Theme you will be able to build full blown, perfectly optimized, Local SEO sites that rank because of their structure and have a high converting rate. You can then rent them for good quick profit, in a win-win situation: the client get the leads and when he leaves, you still have the website to rent again. Plus, you don’t need to know a bit of php or code, since the Website is completely built on autopilot. Sounds great, right? Here is an example of a website built with Rent a Serp:

Rent a Serp

The Rent a Serp Course

Besides the plugin and theme, which both are newbie friendly by their own, you will also get the possibility to get a course, thanks to Rent a Serp creators. On this course, you will see:

  • The exact method they use to find highly profitable keywords that are ready to be taken over.
  • The backlinking strategy that they use to propel their website to the first page of Google.
  • How to outsource everything so that you don’t have to call your prospects or potential clients.
  • How to even outsource the linkbuilding process.

Grab your Copy of Rent a Serp with a Discount over This Link



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